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Elena Amil, director of the Butterfly Medical Center

GeneXus , Java , Android , PostgreSQL
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The software that enhances the customer experience!

About the client:

Elena Amil, is an entrepreneur and specialist in aesthetic and specialized medical treatments. Currently, she is the director of the Butterfly Medical Center, she has more than 13 years of experience offering her clients treatments with high quality standards, as well as the necessary tools to feel good and enhance their beauty. She firmly defends the concept that: "the body is our temple and we must feel in harmony with it", as an essential aspect for a fulfilling life at all levels. She is passionate about the business world and focuses on developing skills to efficiently run their companies and guide them to another level.

The challenge:

Independent professionals, dedicated to personal services, find it difficult to manage shifts and schedule appointments, an essential element for providing their services. Our client challenged us to develop a powerful tool capable of managing appointments, providers and services automatically and intelligently, optimizing time and improving customer service. A solution capable of handling the activities of any type of business and the interaction with its consumers easily.

Component Kalendar
Component Kalendar

The solution:

DigitalProjex developed a platform based on GeneXus, achieving a multi-channel solution, with state-of-the-art interfaces and the ease of creating unique customer experiences. In addition, it is linked to a mobile application that covers the needs of the consumer in every way.
The functionalities that allow an optimal management of the processes were developed:

  • Dashboard
  • Calendar
  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Services
  • Reminders
  • Settings

At the same time, a bot called "Ramona" was added; that simulates and processes a human conversation and that integrates with WhatsApp, Messenger and CMS, which allows to achieve a certain empathy with the client and a more global experience on multiple social platforms.

Klendar not only helps Elena Amil and the Butterfly Medical Center, but it is also available through the Internet to be used by similar businesses that need to schedule, organize, manage and optimize their services.

Component Kalendar

The result:

Klendar is a digital platform designed to organize, manage and monitor appointments, suppliers and clients. It allows the planning of service hours, the creation of automatic reminders and reservations through a virtual assistant. It provides companies with a web portal customized to their corporate identity, with features that allow them to have full control over the operation of the business.

The development of the Klendar modules on GeneXus make this solution a robust and efficient platform for managing customer service processes.

We have been working with DigitalProjex for 3 years, it was a before and after for our company. From the beginning they knew how to interpret and develop a system that would adapt to our needs, optimizing our times making us more efficient, while improving the experience of our clients. The human team is excellent and they always make us feel backed up.

Elena Amil
Elena Amil

Director of the Butterfly Medical Center

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