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Custom web solutions powered by Angular

We are a team with extensive experience in creating web solutions using Angular, one of the most powerful and versatile front-end frameworks on the market. We want to help you have robust and dynamic systems.

We adapt to your needs and requirements.

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At DigitalProjex we are focused on creating highly interactive web applications.

With Angular, we offer the ability to create dynamic and reactive web pages, with unique user experiences. We can take your online presence to the next level, providing your business with the tools necessary to stand out and manage information quickly.

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Why choose Angular?

Angular stands out for its high flexibility, capable of adapting to various needs. Its modular system allows you to add or eliminate functionalities according to the specific requirements of each project.


It has a solid reputation for security, backed by an active community of developers committed to keeping it up to date and protected against potential vulnerabilities.


Angular performs efficiently on websites of any size and complexity, from simple landing pages to robust e-commerce platforms.


Offers extensive customization options, allowing you to adjust to the particular needs of each project. Provides a more focused and efficient development experience.


Angular supports search engine optimization (SEO), including the generation of friendly URLs, meta tags and other specific tools to improve visibility in search results.

250k+ Institutions use Angular

Our services

At DigitalProjex, we have a team specialized in interface design, programming, quality and web positioning that is ready to enhance your goals through solutions in Angular.

We have more than 8 years of experience in developing websites, systems and platforms using this technology. We seek to provide you with customized solutions to boost your business, your online presence and your business goals.

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Technical support and secure systems in the hands of experts.
  • We provide peace of mind to our clients, guaranteeing secure and technologically updated systems by a reliable and expert team. We offer a personalized technical support service, which adapts to the needs and stages of the system.
  • We are ready to assist you in case of any technical issue, allowing you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Projects made with Angular

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Audio Signal Analysis System for Advertising and National Music Timing Control
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What do our customers say?

Gaston Milano
Gaston Milano

GeneXus CTO

In GeneXus we have had the pleasure of working on several important projects together with DigitalProjex, we have always found a technically solid team, contributing from technical quality but above all from human quality to the formation of teams that can carry out all kinds of challenge.

Paula Gallotti
Paula Gallotti

Director at DVelop

We have been working with DigitalProjex for more than two years. During this time we have found great support in the company that has allowed us to grow and the help we needed at the right time. The team has always integrated very well into our culture and has shown the experience and commitment that we expect.

Ernesto Burtre
Ernesto Burtre

Gte. of Accounts in Geocom

DigitalProjex has perfectly integrated into our team, providing it with greater flexibility in terms of operational capacity and ways of working. In addition to the experience of the professionals provided by the company, we value the commitment of them and their Directors, accompanying us in the challenges with a unique sense of belonging.

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