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About the client:

Unión Rural del Flores (URF) is a Uruguayan cooperative company with a solid history and experience with agricultural and livestock products. Since 1959, it has been working to provide comprehensive solutions to the needs of its associates, focused on providing logistics services, technical advice, and sale of supplies, among others.

The challenge:

URF had several systems developed in old versions of GeneXus, and needed a team with experience in migrating its systems to more current versions, in order to create new modules for managing internal processes linked to its production flow.
With the support of DigitalProjex, the main needs were identified.

To this end, it was necessary to develop a system aimed at comprehensive management with the following modules and functionalities:

  • Plant and Laboratory.
  • Work with map and location in real time.
  • Integrate with SAP.
  • Manage fuel, freight, raw material, among others.
  • Manage the weighing of trucks.
  • Manage partners.
  • Integrate with other existing systems in URF.
  • In addition, having a mobile application that would allow them to integrate their producers and drivers with the entire system.
  • In addition, a mobile application allows them to integrate their producers and drivers with the entire system.
Components URF
Components URF

The solution:

DigitalProjex developed the mobile application and the necessary modules to satisfy the needs of URF: Fuel, Freight, Plant and Laboratory.

Components URF

The result:

URF updated its management system, computerized new processes and improved communication and monitoring of its associates. This allowed better monitoring and control of its resources, as well as savings in time and money to offer its services with quality and efficiency to clients.

The incorporation of the company DigitalProjex has been an excellent solution for us for the development of our systems. It is a very professional and qualified team; they have fulfilled the requested developments in a timely manner. In the face of demanding challenges, they have provided us with very good solutions.

Eduardo Elissalde

Unión Rural de Flores

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