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About the client:

Lanas Trinidad is the main producer and exporter of washed and combed wool in Uruguay. With a wool tradition since 1916, its products are exported to the main and most demanding markets in the world.
Its production is developed with the concept of circular economy, where each stage of the process tends to efficiency and care for the environment. The company is characterized by providing support to the producer, providing work tools on issues related to animal welfare, ultrasound of future mothers, application of superior genetics, Tally Hi shearing, green tap conditioning, and polyethylene packaging.

The challenge:

Lanas Trinidad needed an industrial maintenance system in order to improve the efficiency of its processes and reduce downtime. Management of the maintenance process was done manually, which was prone to errors and delays in identifying and solving problems. The challenge was to develop a system that could manage maintenance automatically and in real time.

Component Lanas-Trinidad
Component Lanas-Trinidad

The solution:

DigitalProjex developed a personalized web system for Lanas Trinidad, which allows access to maintenance information in a centralized way and in real time. The solution provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to register, monitor and schedule equipment maintenance, as well as register the equipment used in the company, including its technical characteristics. Also, it facilitates the management of maintenance work orders, including their assignment, follow-up, and closure. In addition, spare parts inventory can be processed and statistics can be generated to facilitate decision making.

Component Lanas-Trinidad

The result:

The implementation of the industrial maintenance web system has had a significant impact on the Lanas Trinidad company, facilitating efficiency and reducing downtime of its equipment and machinery. It has improved the accuracy of the information, allowing the company to make accurate decisions on preventive and corrective maintenance. In general, the result has been a significant saving of time and resources, as well as an improvement in the productivity and performance of the company.

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