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About the client:

Lanas Trinidad is the main producer and exporter company of washed wool and combed wool in Uruguay. With a wool tradition since 1916, their products are exported to the main and most demanding markets in the world. 

Its production is carried out with the concept of circular economy, where each stage of the production process tends to efficiency and care for the environment. The company is characterized by the support to the producer facilitating the work tools in topics related to animal welfare, ultrasound of future mothers, application of superior genetics, Tally Hi shearing, green tap conditioning and polyethylene packaging.

The challenge:

Lanas Trinidad needed to automate the management of wool bales, batches and components to improve the efficiency and precision of the production process. For this, the company needed to read and manage the bales and batches of wool, as well as the detailed visualization of these. 

Components App Colector
Components App Colector

The solution:

Digital Projex developed a mobile application and a web system to automate the management of wool bales, batches and components, through an intuitive interface for the end user. The application uses a QR data collector to read and register the wool bales; allows the creation and management of batches, and displays in real time the detailed information of the components of each batch.

The result:

The implementation of the solution improved the control, efficiency and management of the company's production. The mobile app has eliminated the manual and tedious process of managing wool bales, batches and components, allowing workers to spend more time on more important tasks. It has facilitated real-time decision-making by providing detailed reports on the batches and bales of wool. With its implementation, the company has improved its productivity and profitability, which has allowed it to remain competitive in an increasingly demanding market.

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