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Meditación Deportiva

GeneXus , Node.js , AngularJS
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About the client:

“Meditación Deportiva” is a young company with a lot of passion and a sporting spirit. Its mission is to connect users with all the amateur sports of their interest, including their own sports tournaments, and thus improve the game experience for fans. This is possible by innovating and mixing technology with a passion for sports.

The challenge:

DigitalProjex together with “Meditación Deportiva” had to implement a new business concept, working on a platform that would connect, in one place, sports competitions, teams and players. The platform had to contribute to the digitalization process of sport.

Component Soy
Component Soy

The solution:

DigitalProjex developed, for “Meditación Deportiva”, a platform made up of two components, a management system (Backend) based on GeneXus 16, and a mobile application for iOS and Android devices, developed in Angular with Ionic. In addition, it created a desktop application with Node.js, for processing the videos.

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The result:

DigitalProjex developed a system that connects competitions, teams and players in one place. The platform makes it possible to monitor, in real time, what happens in the amateur sport of interest, including the user's own sports games or other sports in which they participate, such as leagues or tournaments, and in turn, allows them to observe from any mobile device the matches of other friendly users.
With the mobile application users can:

  • Manage profiles
  • Assemble teams
  • Organize, control and follow tournaments
  • View the recorded matches and the highlights of a tournament.

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